Choosing a good quality insurer can be a challenge considering how many companies sell coverage in Kansas. The company rank data displayed below could help you select which coverage providers to look at when trying find the best insurance for a Hyundai Tucson.

The ratings below only include companies with a national presence, so companies that may only write in Kansas are not included in this list. To check rates from these companies and more, click here.

Top 10 Major Car Insurance Companies in Kansas Ranked by Value

  1. USAA
  2. GEICO
  3. AAA Insurance
  4. Liberty Mutual
  5. State Farm
  6. Allstate
  7. Safeco Insurance
  8. Travelers
  9. 21st Century
  10. Nationwide

Top 10 Major Car Insurance Companies in Kansas Ranked by Customer Service

  1. State Farm
  2. Nationwide
  3. Safeco Insurance
  4. American Family
  5. Travelers
  6. Liberty Mutual
  7. GEICO
  8. Allstate
  9. The Hartford
  10. Farmers Insurance

Top Companies for Hyundai Tuscon Insurance in Kansas

In the prior example, the average cost of auto insurance per year with no accidents and a clean driving record is $1,431. Add in two speeding tickets and the average cost rises to $2,030, an increase of $599 each year. Now include one accident along with the two speeding tickets and the annual cost of auto insurance for a Hyundai Tucson in Kansas increases to an average of $2,614. That's an increase of $1,183, or $99 per month, just for not maintaining a clean driving record!